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About Us

The New Mexico Athletic Youth Wrestling Club in Albuquerque, New Mexico serves the entire youth community of New Mexico. We are a group of dedicated volunteers, coaches, parents and more that hope to provide a safe environment that fosters sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and more through the sport of wrestling.

What We Do

The New Mexico Athletic Youth Wrestling Club provides a safe environment and supports wrestling of all-levels within our state. We provide the community with a number of things to help encourage the youth to be involved with wrestling including:

  • Events
  • Schedules
  • Team information
  • Club information
  • And more!

We are bringing wrestling back to its core values of being affordable for everyone and all profits going to the kids and our youth wrestling community.

How We Do It

We are able to provide information on state and district tournaments, team information and more by working with coaches, parents and clubs around the state. We are a non-profit organization that gives every dime earned to help a New Mexico youth wrestler with any fees for tournaments or more. We also provide training clinics before every tournament to help teach correct technique and form while creating a safe environment for everyone to be involved. Our volunteers, coaches and more are the best in New Mexico wrestling and are dedicated to our youth.

Guidelines and Rules

Each tournament has specific guidelines and rules that all players and coaches must adhere to in order to participate. Tournament guidelines include:

  • All participants must be five years old on or before September 1. Four-year-olds are not allowed to participate in any NMAYWC event.
  • All coaches and participants need to have access to their AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) wrestling card as secondary insurance at every NMAYWC event.
  • Participants that meet the NMAYWC age requirements and are still in high school may only wrestle if they have not participated in any high school level event through the entire wrestling season.
  • Participants’ hair and nails must be maintained and groomed before each match. Coaches are responsible for addressing these issues before competition.
  • Participants must have proper headgear, singlets and taped shoelaces for every tournament.
  • Every tournament is required to have an assigned director.
  • Guidelines for each tournament are subject to change and new guidelines will be implemented if needed to create the best environment for our youth.

The State Tournament is the only tournament that holds official on-site weigh-ins. We believe honesty is the key for the weigh-ins to be correct. The State Tournament is also the only tournament seeded with age groups 15 and under being the only participants to get seeded.


If you are interested in becoming a coach for the NMAWYC, you will have a few requirements that must be met, such as:

  • $20.00 Coaching Fee – this fee includes your AAU coaching card, NMAWYC operating costs and your background check.
  • Coach/Participant ratio of 1:7 – this means that for every seven participants on a team, there must be one coach. Only two coaches are allowed in the corner of every participant at all times. Coaches are only allowed on the floor if your wrestler is on deck or on the mat wrestling. Coaches and participants are the only ones allowed on the floor.
  • Coaches meet every Sunday morning before every event.

In addition to the coaches meeting every Sunday before an event, the referees will also meet immediately following the coach meeting on Sunday mornings.


As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to making wrestling affordable for the entire community of New Mexico. However, there are fees that are associated and used for various things including:

  • Operating Costs
    • Medals
    • AAU cards
    • Youth needing assistance for any event

A financial sheet is provided that breaks down the fees at every meeting held or upon request of any coach. In addition to the operating costs, there are fees for each individual club that are not included in the fees for NMAWYC. However, as a non-profit organization, NMAWYC does not keep any left over money that is earned, instead it is given to any youth who needs it for tournament fees and other costs associated with wrestling.

For the Kids

The New Mexico Athletic Youth Wrestling Club is dedicated to the kids of our community and beyond. We believe in providing an enriching environment that practices safe wrestling, leadership, teamwork and mentoring skills. We support wrestling of all levels and want to help your child reach their athletic potential. Contact us today if you are interested in volunteering with NMAYWC or you would like more information regarding our organization and what we do.

Call 405-501-0354 to speak with a member of the New Mexico Athletic Youth Wrestling Club today.

Making Champions On and Off the Mat